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0000001818 00000 n !!!!!1! 0000005099 00000 n Alcohol, Commerce..... 6.74 Alcohol, Proof Spirit. It weighs approximately 6.02 lbs per US gallon ( approx 0.72 kg/liter) at "standard temperature" - defined as 15 degrees celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). 0000009185 00000 n Diesel weighs a little less than 7 pounds per gallon in the US (and a little more than 7 pounds per gallon in Canada), but let’s go with 7 pounds per gallon to make it an … Compared to gasoline and diesel, other options may have more energy per unit weight, but none have more energy per unit volume. However, different countries use different additives in gasoline. This is what moves the plane forward, causing air to move along the aerodynamic body and wings to create lift. About gasoline; 1 cubic meter of gasoline weighs 748.9 kilograms [kg] 1 cubic foot of gasoline weighs 46.7523 pounds [lbs] Gasoline weighs 0.7489 gram per cubic centimeter or 748.9 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. ����O 6~��e1���U�{(��6�}�m����[�E�7�. 0000013978 00000 n x�b```���lS����(���q��a�-f&���A%���x�5f_�̜���;�z_�j��"�V���T����G� ����{+��b�^��sl��c��~�\�tA�akK�:c�������)�\��O�;�0 82�h*�B$��0Qd���v �ď %�.� You can divide pounds per cubic foot by 32.2 for a rough value in slugs. 0000003861 00000 n As it became cooler it became more dense and thus weighed more and above this temperature it was less dense and a gallon … As illustrated by the chart below, the larger the rig, the more gas it consumes. Fuel consumption Chart - Mercury - Evinrude - Honda Marine - Yamaha Marine - Suzuki Marine - Johnson - Outboard Motors | MerCruiser - Volvo Penta Diesel Inboards | GPH MPG LPH KPL Miles per Gallon - Gallons per Hour | Kilometers per Liter - Liters per Hour To achieve this calculation, oil weighs 7.2 lbs. Cycloparaffins have a lower hydrogen-to-carbon ratio, which results in less heat released per unit of weight but increases the fuel’s density. 0000022264 00000 n 0000003084 00000 n Now that you’re a little more clear on weight station procedures, you can delve into the weight of diesel fuel. %PDF-1.6 %���� H��V�n#7��W�h/F\��\y,�\��C��,�-FvV��G�f���u,:Lװ�dWW�H��qX�~��b���[�З6J}�㨲ſ⧏�.u�[���b��^������o�O��l�q*čYd^�����YY�ۇi�kG���t_/ϻPc�'��}�'o����߮��vw#��w���$��'�ٶ.��Kȇ�ݢ�������$������?���k�_���_��n;��r�����-(PF�Xh���v�X?^�������-�7â;fz��/����q5����z;�V}ǧ�uy�J�^����2�U�C�M����#�z[�Ѥxtĩ�c��m}�Ǥ͘Neqt�~~�)���{}^9-���(�>�3�(���×!��AK-�˘��O�o�B���Չ����S�ix˜��^ڐ�zW^�tm$��Zi�/Hc0�2�"�`:����b=��dŒ�+ Description. 3. Motorcycles achieve a high number of passenger miles per gallon, owing to their light weight and very high fuel efficiency. Exploration, Production, Transmission & Distribution, 100 Cubic Feet = 1C cubic feet = 0.1M cf = 1 Therm = 100,000 BTU, 1 mmBTU = 1,000,000 BTU = 10 Therms = 1 dth (dekatherm) = 1 mcf, 1.25 Therms = 1 GGE = 1 CNG Gallon = 125,000 BTU. �;�{_�.�n����|��8�^���v)ҷR�vk�Ł!1�x�Hy��}ؽ�"G�b�>EQ����������w���I�t ��)�zăIO��aOO#^U��E�4�u�9Œ��9��y6�F4��ʳ Avgas is less volatile, with a Reid vapor pressure range of 5.5 to 7 psi, than automotive gasoline, with a range of 8 to 14 psi. Fuel efficiency is a form of thermal efficiency. For double-wall compartment tanks charts use the main tank chart plus the extension chart. (13,380 kg), for a total of 4,370 US gallons (16,542 liters). 2. %%EOF }=�g�&?���W��D ��;lk�t!�;.s��tWʴۄk���(�T R �` ݼ�� The estimates are based on the assumptions that you travel 15,000 miles per year (55% under city driving conditions and 45% under highway conditions) and that fuel costs $3.55/gallon for regular unleaded gasoline and $3.80/gallon for premium. To switch the unit simply find the one you want on the page and click it. AVGAS or 100ll fuel weighs approximately 6 pounds per gallon on a standard day. The weight of the fuel itself and the placement of the fuel tanks will both have an effect on fuel management and weight distribution while hauling loads close to the legal limit. The grade of gasoline also affects how much it weighs. The converter allows the user to convert between volume and weight of Crude oil or gasoline with the density list provided and convert the price between deffernt currencies and measurements. The charts are in PDF format and grouped by tank design and diameter. Gas turbine is another more technically correct name for a jet engine. 0000006379 00000 n Related Topics . ! A liter of diesel weighs 0.8508 kilograms, or 1.8757 pounds. The fuel weight equals the mass difference between the take-off weight and the landing weight. Weigh your propane tank . Cost-per- Once made, other substances are added to it. 0000002014 00000 n This chart approximates the fuel consumption of a diesel generator based on the size of the generator and the load at which the generator is operating at. You can also go to the universal conversion page. CC"$ko�ۚ�U�����vɄ �.�)�%�C=��Nh�AZXe�y�m�by>{��ݣ� 'x�ٞ@�-|�J!u5��� ����dж N����\/ AxesLabelfi 8"Wei.ght HlbL","Miles Per Gallon"<,PlotStylefi Purple,PlotLabelfi StyleB "Car Weight vs. A jet engine is an extremely powerful machine that can turn energy-rich jet fuel into a powerful force which is known as thrust. 2: Enter the value you want to convert (miles per gallon). Therefore, a gallon of diesel fuel weighs 3.2245 kilograms, or 7.1089 pounds. Then click the Convert Me button. Jet A and Jet A-1 jet fuel weigh 6.8 pounds (3.08 kg) per US gallon. Note that even if pounds per cubic foot is often used as a measure of density in the U.S., pounds are really a measure of force, not mass. 0000003635 00000 n A U.S. gallon contains 3.79 liters. Bio-diesel average density = .88 metric tons per cubic meter Residual Fuel 1 gallon = 149,700 Btu – HHV * 1 gallon = 157.9 megajoules – HHV * 1 gallon = 138,400 Btu – LHV * 1 gallon = 146.0 megajoules – LHV * 1 barrel = 6,287,400 Btu – HHV * 1 barrel = 6,633 megajoules – HHV * i n order to find the exact weight of jet fuel, you have to know the API Gravity (The American Petroleum Institute gravity,)because each "batch" of jet will vary somewhat in it's API, which is normally somewhere around a 45.0. Paraffins have a high hydrogen-to-carbon ratio, with a high heat release per unit of weight and a cleaner burn than other hydrocarbons. Fuel BTU/Gallon; Bunker Fuel: 153,000: per bunker fuel gallon: Diesel (DGE) 139,000: DGE = Diesel Gallon Equivalent: Gasoline (GGE) 125,000: per gasoline gallon 0000013234 00000 n .. ... Free Books / Reference / Bepler's Handy Manual of Knowledge / Weight Of Liquids Per Gallon. Find and compare the fuel economy, fuel costs, and safety ratings of new and used cars and trucks. 0000000916 00000 n !!!!!10/29/2014! 3 One hundred gallons = 700 lbs. On an equivalent energy basis, motor gasoline (which contains up to 10% ethanol) was estimated to account for 99% of light-duty vehicle fuel consumption in 2012. Average RV Tank Size and Gas Mileage Chart RV ClassGas Tank SizeMiles Per Gallon (MPG)Distance RV Can Travel on a Single TankClass A80 to 150 Gallons7 to 13 MPG560 to 1,950 MilesClass B25 Gallons18 to 25 MPG450 to 625 MilesClass C24 to 55 Gallons14 to 18 MPG336 to 990 Miles The average size of an RV gas tank varies quite a bit, so it can be misleading to make a blanket … Propane weighs 4.25 pounds per gallon. Kevin Simpson/flickr. Fuel usage measurements and conversions . 1 Gallon Pounds Ale ..... 8.33 Acid, Nitric.....10.58 Acid, Sulphuric.....15.42 Acid, Muriatic.....10. Use the sliders or enter your values in the fields below to determine the number of years needed to recoup your investment. endstream endobj 42 0 obj <>stream 0000003937 00000 n 6 Example 55-Gallon Drum Weights. Jet fuel weighs approximately 62.5% of the weight of water. 23 0 obj <> endobj 0000001681 00000 n It looks clear or brown in liquid form. Input the quantity of gasoline in US gallons, UK gallons or liters. As I recall, the typical weight of gasoline at 72 degrees F was around 6.25# per gallon. 1 gallon per hour = .5712 barrels per day 1 gallon per hour = 207.92 barrels per year 1 liter per hour = .1510 barrels per day 1 liter per hour = 55.10 barrels per year. Average of 155,500 BTUs per gallon. �� �[��粋v�]`�\/��zy�(��{\6�XC�f�QD��5�g{�(D��x��>珻f �e�lSWoRX���ٶ��Mu�5��}��Q������}X��[�S��Ԭ�r�� # ��6þ�C��y�,t`�E���P�p\8DW菤.�= This fuel is made by distilling crude oil at high temperatures. We will call 0.003785411784 the volume conversion factor - vcf. water weighs 8lbs/gal, do the math for the approximate weight. This is because one therm equals 100,067 BTUs. AlternativeFuels*Data*Center*–*Fuel*PropertiesComparison*!www.afdc.energy.gov!! There are a number of reasons why this is important: calculating the load of so many gallons of fuel in a ship or a tanker truck Diesel fuel weighs between 7.25 and 7.5 pounds per gallon. Miles per Gallon n= 16 16 variA= â i=1 n Take@mpg,8i,i]>> ���f� � Table 1- Approximate Gravity and Calorific Value of Standard Grades of Fuel Oil Commercial Standard No. YvF�����1�o���Y�F�~�Q u�3�,������17h���@���âo���H{���Aq**sNv=��l�È���8�о�S�iO�Ʊ���hhuz��&�d���xSN3�������*F��Lu� nj��~�x�(J�{���tz�R��/��K3r�u�ZC��nBGM�����v�����gH�l� Ӽ}H`! 0000003712 00000 n The weight of a gallon of diesel is about 7 pounds, roughly. trailer Use this calculator to determine the weight of common liquids in your RV and tow vehicle. The accepted average weight of Jet A fuel is 6.84 pounds per gallon based on specific gravity (but varies based on temperature, additives, etc.) Therefore, a gallon of diesel fuel weighs 3.2245 kilograms, or 7.1089 pounds. x 21'4" shell length level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallons level gallons The term home heating fuel is a generic name. To transform the volume from gallons to cubic meters we should multiply the volume in cubic meters by 0.003785411784. Gasoline weighs roughly 6.073 pounds a gallon in the U.S. The most commonly used fuels for commercial aviation are Jet A and Jet A-1, which are produced to a standardized international specification. The passion is to help drive the vast movement in the U.S. toward domestically-based alternative energy sources that also result in lower emissions. 7.62*158.98-1211.4276 liters. Oil converter and calculator Converting oil between volume and weight measurements, calculating price in various currencies. Avgas is less volatile, with a Reid vapor pressure range of 5.5 to 7 psi, than automotive gasoline, with a range of 8 to 14 psi. H�tWK�c7����QJ:FV9��`N����T��{��Y֟,�)�����L%�a�&Tn��>~{��$I�3k���7Ly�] j�^�g�*>{n�R�혒ǜ��b�$�i3�Oܯ� /޼�q����v�̺�خ�/�|/`�{u7�vۦ�WW�'�J|�ZxYw���. We like to round off the weight of diesel fuel, just to make it easier. 0000022334 00000 n xref Slugs are the correct measure of mass. �''�T�Q* �� �� �i�wb�!e:p���~��x���#W�.�qn��z@�1�$Q�Q�d�����h(ȬSE��S��>r9�gKP�A:p�,��MB�)��/�g�HDiJ=B�8���X �0[��� 0000001196 00000 n Fuel BTU/Gallon; Bunker Fuel: 153,000: per bunker fuel gallon: Diesel (DGE) 139,000: DGE = Diesel Gallon Equivalent: Gasoline (GGE) 125,000: per gasoline gallon 3 Corrected volume @ 15º C: 46,23x0,9340 = 43,18 m³. 0000016671 00000 n Gasoline is made from crude oil or petroleum. Avgas has an emission coefficient (or factor) of 18.355 pounds per US gallon (2.1994 kg/l) of CO 2 or about 3.07 units of weight CO 2 produced per unit weight of fuel used. ! According to the above data and calculation method, the density of one ton of light diesel oil is 0.825, which is equivalent to about 1211 liters: 1 ton = 1 * 6.29/p = 6.29/0.8257.62 barrel. You can also go to the universal conversion page. Go to "CNG Resources" and "Payback Calculator" for a more detailed calculator. 0000001546 00000 n RV Miles Per Gallon: What is the Standard MPG for each RV Class? The following chart features example empty 55-gallon drum weights of specific models ranging from the light to heavy. Liquid Weight Calculator. Volume Correction Factor at this temperature: 0,9340. Fuel Density versus Weight [October 28, 2005 Breakfast Minutes.] or truckload minimum. oQ2���ע��uAQl�' F}d_ֻt����h�A�P�rb�V`�}E!Q7�� �r� Once you know the basic cost of getting a certain distance away, you’ll have a better foundation … Other factors also can affect the vehicle's fuel efficiency, such as weight-specific efficiency for freight and passenger-specific efficiency. The overall fuel efficiency may vary from different device. Subtract it’s TW Tare Weight (stamped on tank collar). ��3�/EOe!>���b�P�p���&�u�� Z�s�(�l����O�1�&�uDaE4Өu=�p6WP�G}�ײ��(�aq$�yko�h��Ƞ8�iu�\�]p�L��� 3ڤ�|�h6z��ifj�5��0� g�ї�[�?DT�V��%r�jm��H���+�JoUq�����l_�j6m��3T�T٤XbV�y�w�)W[�@�J{zc�WdQ�"ڗՃnF���Hq������kP�43���xJF�? Transit buses are not very efficient at their current ridership rates, where, on average, a given bus is less than 25% full. This Guide provides annual fuel cost estimates, rounded to the nearest $50, for each vehicle.. Miles per Gallon" ,14,Blue,Backgroundfi Lighter@PurpleDFF 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 15 Wei.ght HlbL 20 25 30 35 40 45 Miles Per Gallon Car Weight vs. This section is from the book "Bepler's Handy Manual of Knowledge And Useful Infomation", by David Bepler. endstream endobj 41 0 obj <>stream Gasoline Composition. The weight of diesel does vary somewhat. P etroleum diesel, also known as petrodiesel, is the most common type of diesel. Automatically calculate fuel mass using coefficients of thermal expansion rules. Riddhiman's interactive graph and data of "Miles per gallon of fuel vs Car weight (lb/1000)" is a scatter chart, showing y; with Car weight (lb/1000) in the x-axis and Miles per gallon of fuel in the y-axis.. Fuel Generally, fuel is a material used to produce power or heat through burning. 0000001514 00000 n 2: Enter the value you want to convert (km per gallon). � n�$�X7����My_�[������u�����]�i����y�+�r�~dIyU7�� ���A������g���6�~��|�����l�Β���H�Ug��δd��"�V�=�&�GBg����/.��0"�^k�I(�]��t��>/��DNl��F8��Ĵ�f�qU�&sQ��x�۠��@>�Jç��e�������=)��Ϣ#!N���]�USR.���2�ˮ���4ۜI�gJ� �Ԩ I will enter the fuel mass myself. 15,000 miles per year (55% under city driving conditions and 45% under highway conditions) and that fuel costs $2.11/ gallon for regular unleaded gasoline, $2.53/gallon for mid-grade unleaded gasoline, and $2.78/gallon for premium. 1 barrel = 158.98 liters. Gallons are used when the propane is supplied by tanker and must be converted to pounds to determine net or gross domestic LPG gas cylinder weight. 0000011961 00000 n º API = 11,3 , this gives a density of 990,3 kg/m³ and a weight of 3,74 kg/gallon (8,25 lb/gallon). 53 0 obj <>stream The Fuel economy in aircraft is the measure of the transport energy efficiency of aircraft. The Weight of Diesel Fuel. Then click the Convert Me button. These components reduce the freezing point of the fuel. However, it doesn’t change too much under normal conditions, so many truck drivers estimate the weight of fuel at 7 pounds per gallon. Your value gets instantly converted to all other units on the page. Using a fuel density of 6.75 pounds per gallon at 60°F, the total usable fuel capacity of a G450 is 29,500 lb. Mass of fuel (measured by the fuel mass flow meters): 43.655 kg. Efficiency is increased with better aerodynamics and by reducing weight, and with improved engine BSFC and propulsive efficiency or TSFC. 0000003787 00000 n How to use: Input the required gas/oil ratio. One barrel of crude oil creates 19 gallons of gasoline. H��V�n�F��+�R�Ѽg��ZN�q�VD7A4I+t(1����~o�EʲIÀ���9gf��BR�*�x��%�U�=z\q��'5� The Weight Of Fuel The precise weight of diesel fuel will vary based on temperature and humidity, but is generally around 7.25-7.5 pounds per gallon. !!!!!4! This is a conversion chart for miles per gallon (U.S. system). About diesel fuel; diesel fuel weigh(s) 0.83 gram per (cubic centimeter) or 0.48 ounce per (cubic inch) at 24.44°C or 76°F; Volume to weight, weight to volume and cost conversions for Diesel fuel with temperature in the range of 10°C (50°F) to 140°C (284°F); Formulas: volume v = w ⁄ ρ; weight w = ρ × v; where the Greek letter ρ (rho) stands for density Matematically we write: volume in cubic meters = volume in gallons × vcf or v m³ = v gal × vcf (2) Now, dividing the equation (1) by the equation (2), we get Most frequently, “home heating fuel” refers to 2 Fuel Oil…..you would need to check with your supplier to be sure. 0000002517 00000 n The charts below illustrate various fuels' energy, volume & weight. �c� ��=o�sP%˛�g�^�Er�b�+��W�+�}�.�'H��^2��\T��T(g����vO��w��4�Ġ RC�g�#�*��l��b�(�…�fdBb�t�ba�>�IN���jV�m� &�;PA��x�O�=}���_����vX��0����GG�Ɲ�8?z�5h���6¼T)U8`D��]��V!�5[t�=1�H-DR�,�96^��iE����iG�.D Riddhiman's interactive graph and data of "Miles per gallon of fuel vs Car weight (lb/1000)" is a scatter chart, showing y; with Car weight (lb/1000) in the x-axis and Miles per gallon of fuel in the y-axis.. 0000003394 00000 n !!!!!10/29/2014! 0000003049 00000 n ! 54 Gallon Drum Siphon Pump; Drum Wrench; Electric Pump Kit - 115 Volt; Electric Pump Kit 12 Volt; GPI Inline Flow Meter ; Large Funnel; Large Funnel Replacement Filter; Large Funnel with Filter; Oval Funnel; VP EZ SPOUT; Fuel Testing. If gas in your area is about $3.00 per gallon, that means one fill will cost you $180 — and get you about 360 miles (using 6 miles per each of the 60 gallons in this equation). ����.�� ��Sg���qU�uF�t7�W�Ie��� Physical Properties. 0000007802 00000 n It’s a distillate fuel, which means that it’s been boiled to remove the parts that are unusable. 0000000016 00000 n Fuel Handling. Because of this, the exact weight of a gallon of gasoline can vary. And here comes my confusion. Midwest Energy Solutions was founded in 2009. 0000017467 00000 n Fuel value and price[edit] As of 2010, the density of petroleum diesel is about 0.832 kg/L (6.943 lb/US gal), about 11.6% more than ethanol-free petrol (gasoline), which has a density of about 0.745 kg/L (6.217 lb/US gal). A full 20 pound propane tank contains 4.73 gallons of propane. Jet fuel or aviation turbine fuel (ATF, also abbreviated avtur) is a type of aviation fuel designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines.It is colorless to straw-colored in appearance. endstream endobj 24 0 obj <> endobj 25 0 obj <> endobj 26 0 obj [27 0 R 28 0 R] endobj 27 0 obj <>/A 51 0 R/H/I/Border[0 0 0]/Type/Annot>> endobj 28 0 obj <>/A 52 0 R/H/I/Border[0 0 0]/Type/Annot>> endobj 29 0 obj <>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 30 0 obj <> endobj 31 0 obj <> endobj 32 0 obj [/ICCBased 48 0 R] endobj 33 0 obj [/Separation/PANTONE#20299#20CV 32 0 R 49 0 R] endobj 34 0 obj <> endobj 35 0 obj <> endobj 36 0 obj <> endobj 37 0 obj <> endobj 38 0 obj <> endobj 39 0 obj <> endobj 40 0 obj <>stream 1. a chart for fuel density vs temperature for our fuels that was updated monthly. ! A U.S. gallon contains 3.79 liters. AlternativeFuels*Data*Center*–*Fuel*PropertiesComparison*!www.afdc.energy.gov!!

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