government should fund scientific research rather than commercial organisation

Essay topic. For example, a recent survey in Denmark noted that the productivity of the private companies in the research field is higher than the state solely due to the amount of spending done by each party. I am absolutely in support of this notion because of its astronomical cost and public safety. Government funding of scientific research should be increased and by a lot. Therefore, I completely disagree with the ideology of funding in scientific research as a better option for investment in a commercial organization.... With an ever increasing need to invest in scientific innovations, it is argued that the government should be responsible for it and not the private organisations. Government is going to research what it is palatable for government research. The government should, must, dedicate a lot more money to NASA. To what extent do you agree or disagree? ... Second, governmnet invests not only in science but also in many public services, which indicated that the fund for carrying the research is not enough. I responded to a presentation by Professor Helga Nowotny, the Vice-President of the European Research Council, saying something like the following:. Get more back. Unlike the political authorities, private firms have enough funds to contribute towards the research and development initiatives. ). But cutting out private companies would be a bad idea. Sample Answer 2: Some believe that a government should build more railroads rather than … However, it is also true that a research does not need a clear … 6. Support for … A lot of research wouldn't take place without the government Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. These arguments are dangerously wrong. To what extend do you agree or disagree with the statement? This essay first explains the ability of the companies to invest abundantly in these efforts as compared to the government, followed by how competition among private companies can ascertain their success in these efforts.... Scientific research plays vital role in the progress of the nation. Funding should be divided in a balanced way. With no dearth of money, they have a greater chance at getting successful outcomes. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words. When the funding … The US has a model where both parties fund scientific research — the federal government usually around basic research that may or may not have commercial implications, and companies focusing on applied research that directly could lead to new products or services. The main reason is that the scope of scientific research is diverse and wide, and private companies could cover up some research which is not carried out by the governments. When asked to weigh the necessity of government as opposed to private investment in research funding, 61% of adults say government funding is essential to ensure that enough scientific progress is made while 34% say that private funding would be enough even without government funding. The ministry is overwhelmed with other focus areas which prevents them for accomplishing the same level of success. But a new study finds turning to industry partners taints perceptions of university research, and including other kinds of partners doesn't really help. Scientific research plays a very important role in the progress of a nation. The Science of Organizations (SoO) program funds basic research that yields a scientific evidence base for improving the design and emergence, development and deployment, and management and ultimate effectiveness of organizations of all kinds. For example, due to the increasing competition among the large cellphone companies, we have so many mobile devices in the market these days with different features and capabilities. The Source of government funds is mostly from the tax paid by the general public. Governments should be responsible for funding and controlling scientific research rather than private organizations. We allocate our funds to things like war and a police state, but we short change science constantly. However, the topic on its source of funding from either the government or private companies has always been debatable. And there's no way around it. And b ecause government funding is an important resource, it would be wiser to limit support to scientific studies with goals relevance in today's society e.g. The government should handle basic research, and industry should handle development. These objectives are totally arguable by anyone that scientific research should be helmed by national authority rather than commercial organisations. Governments, rather than private organisations should be the only organisations responsible for funding and controlling scientific research. Economists have been trying for years to estimate the returns from public investment in research and innovation, around the world. Yesterday I took part in a Policy Lab at the Royal Society, on the theme The public nature of science – Why and how should governments fund basic research? In this essay, I will discuss the reasons why the State has an upper hand in this regard.... Scientific research plays an important role in the advancement of any nation, and requires a lump sum amount to conduct the various investigation trials. Strongly disagree. The diminishing budget has been a growing concern for biomedical scientists because the federal government provides nearly two-thirds of funding for science and engineering research, including life sciences research… State funding helped get Google’s search algorithm, antibody cancer therapies, and DNA sequencing technologies off the ground. With an ever increasing need to invest in scientific innovations, it is argued that the government should be responsible for it and not the private organisations. Those who are not in favour of governments being in charge of research argue against it for several … Each firm experimenting with new technologies to better their products can provide various better quality and innovative products in the market. Scientists need funding to do their work. Since organisations do not have these obligations, they can easily allocate a huge amount of fund towards inventions. A recent Pew survey highlights a disturbing disconnect: while a majority of Americans support federally funded research, many also distrust science—especially when it comes to … To what extend do you agree or disagree with the statement?

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