how long can you be in a coma

Depends on what put you in the coma in the first place, how long you are in the coma will play a bid part in how long your recovery takes. If your loved one is critically ill in Intensive Care and is also in an induced coma, chances are that you and your Family want to know how long your critically ill loved one might stay in the medically induced coma. Six months is a long time but there have been instances that a person was in a coma for years and awaken. A medically induced coma uses drugs to achieve a deep state of brain inactivity. They are few and far between. The 10 COMMANDMENTS for PEACE OF MIND, control, power and influence if your loved one is critically ill in Intensive Care . Hospitals aren’t meant to keep people who don’t need the … A coma can be permanent. It’s unknown how long a stroke-induced coma will last in any patient since every stroke is different. Previously, experts thought that individuals in long-term coma could … Medically induced coma vs. sedation for general anesthesia differs in the level of unconsciousness. How long can you keep a critically ill Patient in Intensive Care in an induced coma . “Comas: What is the shortest amount of time someone can go unconscious? Coma is a period of prolonged unconsciousness, a coma can be caused by injury or physical illness — and in rare cases induced by doctors as a treatment option. In severe cases, it can last for years. Coma is a state of unconsciousness in which a patient does not react with the surrounding environment. Healthcare providers can compare the person's f-GCS score with later Glasgow Coma Scale scores. Keep … If the scores get higher over time, there is a good … Coma from alcohol consumption can be induced in several ways: High levels of alcohol may be enough to trigger coma; Severe vitamin deficiencies; Fall causing serious head injury; It can be life threatening to assume that someone who has drank too much can just sleep it off. The GCS scores can help healthcare providers estimate how a person will recover after a brain injury. No one can give you an exact answer to that question. Only as long as examinations and treatments are needed which can only be done in a hospitals, otherwise for long time care a care home is just as good, and a lot cheaper. Any individual can live in a comatose state for many many years. In fact, general anesthesia is a type of medically induced coma. Coma can last several days to several weeks. They’re alive, but can’t be woken up and show no signs of being aware. If you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning, get … When a person is comatose their heart longs and brainstem are really about the only things that are functioning. Don't give up hope. How long can a person be unresponsive after a stroke? how long can you keep a critically ill patient in intensive care in an induced coma? It is a bad situation and I am so sorry your friend is in a coma. How long can a breathing tube or an endotracheal tube can stay in . Someone who is in a coma is unconscious and has minimal brain activity. It is a deep, but reversible unconsciousness that doctors purposely induce. This helps them know how well the person is improving. It is not possible to wake a coma patient using physical or auditory stimulation. The duration of PTA can be used along with that of the coma to provide an indication of how severe the traumatic brain injury or other type of brain disorder is, and what the long-term outcomes are likely to be.

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