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November 17, 2020 Being the senior class assistant principal, you can only imagine the number of questions about graduation. Today’s top 883 Assistant Principal jobs in Virginia, United States. We needed to do more virtually to connect with all of our stakeholders. Murphy’s Musings; Fearless Teacher; Cohen, Assistant Principal; Connected Principals; Principal Profiles; The Learning Professional; ASCD; Edutopia’s School Leadership; Favorite assistant principal Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow. He showcases his teachers… Last Monday night, at a meeting of parents, community members, and school staff, all voter committee members for Prop KIDS (the tax levy proposal for District #32 schools on the ballot April 4) discussed ways to reach out to our community. Even so, no one likes unsolicited advice. This site is intended to let the readers know what life as a High School Assistant Principal can be like each week. It gives school principals a quick look at your teaching background, school skills, academic experience, and vocational goals. Mr. Hanna, Principal. Learning Leadership: Reflections, scenarios, and tips from New York principal Dennis Schug. Assistant Principal of the Year: Lori Lambropoulos, Westside HS Superintendent of Schools Terry B. Grier congratulated the administrators during a ceremony at the monthly principals’ meeting. assistant principal in communities Found: 1 match cyclefx 11 years ago View all assistant principal in blogs Found: 2 matches We know that growth occurs when we take action on feedback we get. Some days are calm and uneventful, but it … NASSP, When we shut our doors in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my inbox almost became unmanageable with the flood of questions from parents. “Any one of you could have been the recipient of these awards,” he said. Kimberley is a Senior Editor at WeAreTeachers. It’s been the most unusual starts to a year that we’ve ever had here at XP as it has been for most school across the country. WELCOME. His writing will have you subscribing to ensure you don’t miss a post. You listed some key questions. Attention to detail. She started her career as a third-grade teacher in Tennessee and has also served as an instructional coach, assistant principal, and principal. On these eight awesome principal blogs, school leaders share their passions, knowledge and plans for transforming schools. Blogs about education leadership: Team Kid: Inspirational posts about schools and leadership from mentor and California principal Adam Welcome. We know you’ll be a regular follower of Liz’s blog because she has a way of bringing you right into the school and showing you how she keeps her passion for education alive through Twitter and her writing. Todd may be one of the first people who will show you how technology is not a thing but a conduit. Monday, October 1, 2012. Assistant principals often have to juggle a number of high priority tasks that require them to be organized in order to be successful. NASSP, As an assistant principal, teachers come to me for advice about dealing with the difficult situations they face, many directly related to the sudden switch from in-person to virtual learning. (more…), Seven years ago, I stepped foot into my office as the assistant principal of a middle level school of 800 students. Please welcome MiddleWeb’s newest blogger, DeAnna Miller, an assistant principal at a K-6 public school in Alabama’s wiregrass region. (more…), September 15, 2020 If you wander past the school office you will see a fresh face sitting in the office of the Assistant Principal (AP). PLYMOUTH SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL. New Assistant Principal jobs added daily. Dennis has an awesome blog that shows how varied his skills and passions are. They can also look for new solutions to meet teachers’ needs, such as investigating how to procure mobile laptops. Please see this gets to newspapers legislators. Visit the post for more. From a retired principal and assistant principal BRAVO!!! Leverage your professional network, and get hired. When I'm off campus for meetings or trainings, it is nice to have everything at my fingertips. Administrators need to be cognizant of this and make sure that our faculty are taken care of. NASSP, Richard DuFour’s six characteristics of effective professional learning communities (PLCs) have been around for almost 22 years, and their benefits have been well documented by researchers. Sep 14, 2015 - A principal blog about educational administration and school leaders.. . And now comes the start of one of the most unsettling school years in history, with COVID-19 still looming and uncertainty lingering. (more…), Strengthening Systems of Support to Increase Academic Achievement, Restorative Practices: Seven Steps for Facilitators and Mediators, Four Strategies to Implement Effective PLCs, ‘Flatten the Walls’: Communicating During the Pandemic, Communication and Planning in the Time of School Closure, Four Steps to Shift Perceptions of Feedback, The Principal’s Secretary: The Roots of Growth for the School and Its Leaders. According to Lauren, the one-on-one time that teachers spend with studen… Jessica’s blog is all about empowering kids and teachers. It is normal for leaders not to have all of the answers during a crisis, but they can build a much-needed sense of community. These connections create stronger foundations which encourage social, emotional, and, in turn, academic progressions. But during this time of change and uncertainty, there has been one thing if which I am absolutely certain; the commitment and work ethic of students in our phase, Years 10 and 11. They will challenge authority.– I will never forget my interview to become an Assistant Principal with … Being the senior class assistant principal, you can only imagine the number of questions about graduation. — Andrew Searle has joined us from Mont Albert Primary School as acting AP, while Robin Grace has moved up the corridor to the Principal’s office. Eleven Terms High Honors - Grade 11. We love Matt’s blog because he does everything he can to show how he makes changes that work. June 14, 2018 • 7:OOpm. However, teaching and learning continued. He’s snarky, politically active, tech savvy, and dead set on pulling away education’s emphasis from test scores. 6 Armstrong Road | Suite 301 | Shelton, CT | 06484, $10,000 IN PRIZES! Article from Tuesday, June 12, 2018. — From helpful posts detailing the newest relevant technology to snarky pieces uncovering the failures of standardized tests, this blog is g… It’s been equally important to build relationships with the district and school administration team, support staff, and students. Skip to content. John Robinson isn’t a traditional public school administrator. An assistant principal has a hand in making a school run efficiently and harmoniously, as shown in the assistant principal CV example. NASSP, During times of uncertainty, staff, students, parents, and even members of our local communities turn to school leaders for guidance and reassurance. Assistant Principal's Blog, Crew Ali Blog, Crew Blogs, Crew Miss Johnson Blog, Crew Miss Mistry Blog, Crew Miss Rothwell, Crew Mr Burke Blog, Crew Parkinson Blog, Crew Shackleton Blog, Crew Turing Blog, E25, E26, Y7/8 Assistant Principal Blog, Year 8/9 Assistant Principal Blog Contact. I went from a world of teaching, assessing, grading, and lunch counts to school improvement plans, state assessments, district initiatives, and free and reduced-price lunch data (to name just a few). If you are a principal and searching for your next assistant principal, let's talk about what qualities to look for in your next administrator. Blogging can help principals inspire not just schools, but communities. Posts about Blog written by Jane Narrow. (more…), September 22, 2020 Principal Binder- A Must! In a word, implementation. A MiddleWeb Blog. Our freshman football team will be playing Sandwich home at 3:30. Moving from my third-grade classroom to the main office was a hard transition because, for the previous eight years, I was only responsible for the 20–30 students within my classroom. It is the unsung heroes teachers, principals and all support people secretaries and custodians that are the glue that keeps the public schools running at top speed. Assistant principals can initiate a system that aims to better distribute access to facilities. This heading statement is like an elevator pitch. Favorite assistant principal blogs and websites. We quickly developed a blog as a means of sending out information about graduation and other announcements. National Association of Elementary School Principals: @naesp thenaesp HONOR ROLL. The steps described below are designed to help facilitate a restorative practice session between two students, two adults, or one student and one adult in a small setting—such as an office or conference room. (more…), October 27, 2020 11390 Fifth Street North Zulch Texas 77872. Excellent essay. NASSP, Since becoming a house principal, I have worked to establish and promote meaningful relationships among both staff and students. She is a phenomenal woman and someone who will forever have a special place in my heart. Emerson has 18 years of experience in the field of education. HOLIDAY GIVEAWAYS FOR TEACHERS, Classroom Coding & Robotics … Everything You Need to Get Started, Protected: Classroom Talk-to-Text Project, See How Makerspaces Work and Benefit Kids at Every Grade Level, The Case Against Summer Countdown Calendars, Join the WeAreTeachers Influencer Network. Write an Assistant Principal Resume Summary or Objective Also known as the resume profile, the resume objective or summary is a brief, 3–4 line introduction paragraph. — When discussing what supporting teachers does not look like during a Twitter chat, the comment “unsolicited advice is about the worst support one can offer” led to a lengthy conversation. NASSP, By allowing students and adults to improve and repair relationships, restorative practices are key to a healthy school climate. This is an encouraging blog to help assistant principals find their voice and strength in their role on campus! assistant principal You can find people by interests in the page with interests. — As an assistant principal in a new district, this was critical. The School District of Manatee County has announced its principal and assistant principal of the year. It’s inspiring to follow along as Jessica shares how she coaches teachers by being their biggest supporter and helps them make connections. When the principal inherits the assistant principal(s), the relationship still has the potential to be ideal but it becomes incumbent upon the principal to be intentional toward making it work. Your choice of “recultured” for reshaping the AP’s role is strong and accurate. She has 15 years of classroom teaching experience and a master's degree in literacy education. Tony’s blog is awesome because he is so honest. Reflections: Personal reflections on leadership from a middle school principal and NY Ed fellow Lisa Meade. I would not have made this transition in a positive way if it wasn’t for my secretary, Teri. — Welcome to the Sarcastic Assistant Principal! So why are some PLCs effective and others not? Assistant Principal Blog Marc Loranger. Redefining our communication with our stakeholders and cultivating partnerships became my central focus for the summer and is informing my approach to connecting with our school community during the new school year. From his post about feeling isolated as a principal to the one about how he grew up to be the reader he is today, you’ll learn what it takes to be a school leader. In my observations, assistant principals typically have duties such as discipline, all things student-related and overall campus or facilities management. Danny’s blog is where you’ll find all the amazing quotes about leadership that you’ll want to retweet. What a great article! Paul O'Neill says: July 22, 2016 at 5:54 pm. (more…), September 29, 2020 Although unintentional, the assistant principal job is sometimes unappreciated. Join our Facebook group Principal Life for more ideas on how to transform your school. Courageous Discipline-An Assistant Principal’s Blog, Blog at Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers, Practical advice, inspiration, and tools for K-12 school leaders. My Principal Binder is a must! (more…), October 13, 2020 Three Terms High Honors - Grade 9. A principal blog about educational administration and school leaders. NASSP, Over the past ten years of being an assistant principal at the middle school level, I’ve come to realize how every meeting in my office—even the timeouts for disruptive behavior—have become “time-ins.” (more…), September 1, 2020 These steps can be used if the participants have no understanding or background or if they are well versed in restorative practices. All rights reserved. Check out Seth’s blog just for his post called “‘Yet’ & the Language of Opportunity,” which explains the importance of growth mindset. I have spent the year getting to know teachers, listen to concerns, and offer feedback when needed. By taking the initiative to respond to problems, assistant principals earn the respect of … — Copyright © 2020. Seven Terms High Honors - Grade 10. This week the nation celebrates the sacrifices and contributions assistant principals make to the American education system. This is definitely a resource to re-read and refer to in the future. He showcases his teachers in his blog posts and clearly loves children and reading. His posts about creating relationships with students are absolutely shareable. Mr. Loranger, Assistant Principal . FRESHMAN COOKOUT . Assistant principals work alongside teachers, office staff members, teacher assistants, and the principal to make a school work towards its goals. We love Matt’s blog because he does everything he can to show how he makes changes that work. Principal Kafele Writes is a blog page for educators discussing educational topics. In Saluda County Schools (SCS), we made clear and consistent communication one of our top priorities. 1/3 Downloaded from on October 20, 2020 by guest [Book] Assistant Principal Interview Questions And Answers Getting the books assistant principal interview questions and answers now is not type of inspiring means. — No matter the model of learning—in person, remote, or hybrid—everyone is trying their best to settle in, knowing there is no guarantee that it will last. (more…), In education, we value communication and feedback. I was an assistant principal for instruction for 14 years in 5 different secondary schools. From keeping track of the school calendar to evaluating teachers, assistant principals find that attention to detail is a necessary requirement. Amid the pandemic, politics, and the nation’s reckoning with racial inequity, it has been an extraordinary summer. On Thursday October 11th at 3:00 the Freshman Academy will be having a cookout on the Freshman Football/Soccer Fields (the top fields). (more…), August 11, 2020 Underclassmen Awards Night. Obviously, when the principal has input into who the assistant principal(s) will be, the probability for a healthy relationship increases exponentially. However, we cannot take care of others if we are not taking care of ourselves. Here are four things we believe we did well that may help other school leaders communicate and plan for what may be an uncertain fall. One of the reasons I am in the place I am today and gained success is due to the work Teri did every day and her mindset to make sure that the school and I were the best we could be. Tacoma schools use the DRA2 (Developmental Reading Assessment, 2nd Edition) where teachers sit and read with students to assess their reading level and abilities. NASSP, In March of 2020, schools all over the country were physically closed. The increased number of emails and demands upon teacher time that extend beyond the regular school day have created an additional layer of stress. We quickly developed a blog as a means of sending out information about graduation and other announcements. I was fortunate to have strong assistant principals and acknowledge that my success as a principal relied heavily on their shoulders. However, while creating a virtual graduation program, we realized that the need for interaction went well beyond just posting daily announcements. Courageous Discipline Developing a reflective mindset about discipline Follow My Blog Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. He writes about everything from coaching to his One Little Word. I totally agree that the assistant principal can be a valuable school leader to help enact a shared vision for a successful school. Assistant Principal Blog Marc Loranger. Cameshia Emerson has been selected as the new principal of Lockhart Elementary School. They systematically observe, record and evaluate how a student’s reading performance changes over time, and use it to set reading goals for the student to focus on. The assessment is performed three times a year with ongoing progress monitoring approximately once a month. It is for educators of all capacities. —

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