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Meketec 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard. $69.99. The construction material of this special boar is bamboo that makes it … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete with Abec-7 Bearings & Canadian Maple Deck, Blue Halftone at Gifts SHOP BY CATEGORY. The turning radius is excellent, wheels are sticky and roll over just about anything within reason, it's stable and fun to ride with the extended kick tail. For anyone seeking the best longboard for girls, the Retrospec Zed Bamboo Complete Skateboard is … 1.1 Best Overall - ChromeWheels Skateboard Review; 1.2 Beginners Skateboard – Roller Derby Deluxe Skate Review; 1.3 Reliable and Sturdy - Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Review; 1.4 Most affordable - Retrospec Quip Skateboard Review; 1.5 Complete Skateboard - Hikole Skateboard Review; 1.6 31-inch board - Idea Skateboard Review The Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard is one of the most​ beautiful and elegant skateboards we've ever seen, probably THE most beautiful.Originating in Hawaii in the USA in the 1950s and inspired by surfers who took surfing to the streets, this fresh longboard features a super classic surfboard shape and feel. Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2016. I'm a beginner and wanted something nice and easy to learn on but still reasonably affordable to see if it's really my thing, I think this board is perfect for that! added a brake just in case a squirrel distracts them to prevent the eating of s#@! I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to start cruising. We spent over 29 hours researching and testing 25 different kinds and styles of skateboards … This longboard is an excellent starters board that has even impressed me. The Zed will ​take you where you want to go with grace and style.So, if there's enough room in your budget, or you can stretch it just a little bit further, we ​highly recommend ​ you consider this longboard, the perfect combination of durability, ​sharpness and style. Don't listen to what anyone else says, I use a drop down for daily, 5+ miles transportation everywhere in the inner city. For me, it is very hard to write some stuff regarding the Retrospec Longboard Review. Even though I use it mostly for going down hills, it’s still great! Inspired by those who used to skateboard … At least 3-5 times a week I ride around campus for hours. 1 TOP 10 Best Skateboard: Comparison Chart. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5" Classic Retro Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard with Abec 7 bearings and PU wheels, Red & Navy (3167) at Excellent value in a beginner longboard. I should have waited, I should have made sure it was ready to ride. This glitzy, retro-style cruiser skateboard can … Retrospec skateboard is one of the most beautiful and tasteful best skateboards we have ever seen, most probably the most beautiful and interesting skateboard ever.. I could not wait to take it out and ride it. I will say that this board has allowed me to push my limits on the hills as I’ve gotten better and more confident. Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard. This one I purchased for my girlfriend and it came with a wobbly wheel. Super excited to have this board! Contents. It has a beautiful bamboo laminate with a matte finish and very tasteful graphics, the best I've seen on just about any board, and I have looked at plenty. Overall, the Retrospec Zed ​Longboard Skateboard is a great option for you if you want a beautiful board to use in the long-run.Retrospec did a ​great job of creating a classic skateboard that performs very well. 🥇 5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising (Perfect Gliding), 🥇 5 Best Electric Skateboards Under $300 (Power & Range), 🥇 5 Best Skateboards for Street (For Street Speed), 🥇 5 Best Longboard Trucks (For Tight Turns), 🥇 Best 5 Electric Skateboards (Fast & Safe), 🥇 Best 5 Cruiser Skateboards (For Cool Commuting). Very nice board for the price. The fit and finish on this longboard is excellent, I mean really much better than I anticipated. I'm about 5'2 and the board comes up to my sternum about. Even after many hours/weeks of riding time, rough roads, and a few crashes this board is as good as new. Buy this board if you’d like to learn. I fell in love from the moment I saw the board. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Review Check the Latest Price Bringing one of the cheapest lines of longboards hardly kept the brand from incorporating all the high-grade components within these cool skateboards. This board caught my eye due to the design, so i figured i would try it. The deck is long and the shape allows me to really grip it. ... Alameda Skateboard. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … These are one of the plastic boards that the manufacturer is offering along with their extensive lineup of skateboards… I’m supposed to move out of state in four months, and I can’t even travel to look at places, I can’t work, I’m stuck in bed rest, and I’m in excruciating pain. . I have loosened the trucks with a wrench to allow sharper turns (Essential if you plan on tackling big hills). $33.99 … $49.99 Quip 22.5" Mini Cruiser. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Review. Required fields are marked *. I fractured my foot in 6 places, tore a ligament, and separated my foot from my ankle. I can’t speak to the trucks or bearings as I am not an experienced longboarder. Founded in 2014, Quest is just like a newborn baby in the skateboarding world. I hope the above Retrospec longboards reviews have given you a broad idea about the 3 best Retrospec … The Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard is one of the most beautiful and elegant skateboards we've ever seen, probably THE most beautiful. Questionable customer service though. Overall it’s just a lot of fun, I would genuinely recommend this to my friends and family if they skated. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete, Mainstay at I should not have hurt myself the way I did. Retrospec Skateboard Buying Guide: Retrospec Skateboards Review; Disclosure. Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2017, This longboard is an excellent starters board that has even impressed me. This board caught my eye due to the design… We participate in various affiliate programs, including Amazon, and earn from qualifying purchases. So, I thought to buy a cruiser. That being said.. Shop our full collection of skateboards, mini cruisers, longboards, and skate accessories from Retrospec. It got here pretty quick (thanks amazon prime). Bought this for my boys and ended up ordering another one. Also its a stiff board, you won't get flex with this one. This has literally ruined the next few months for me. Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2018. Built for speed, The Rift 41-inch drop-through longboard gives you the control needed to bomb hills and pivot quickly and responsively. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. ​If you'd like to know more about the history of skateboarding, click ​​HERE.​This Zed Longboard will not only ​take you here to there, but will also take you back to a California beach-like nostalgia and turns heads wherever it goes.The shapes and its sliced corners are specially designed to improve balance, precision, and speed of using the skateboard.​Also, its 70mm wheels with the combination of precision ABEC-7 bearings will give you a SMOOTH voyage.This board is capable of handling all your adventures with its high-speed and extreme running accuracy.There's also a superior grip on its wheels strengthen by an Anti-Bite Technology to ensure your safety and longevity of use.It also features an 8-ply Canadian maplewood and sustainable bamboo forms that provide for stability, and strength in Z​eds deck foundation.With the Z​ed Longboard Skateboard you get a durable, strong, and robust small four-wheeled companion with a touch of vintage vibes and beauty. 6 ft 200+ lb rider, very sturdy, Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2017. Your email address will not be published. Here's all you really need to know before you purchase this board. I should have known better. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Complete Skateboard Read Full Reviews At Amazon! Since I’ve bought this, I’ve learned that technically this is a cruiser board (Best for flat surfaces). Exit. Your email address will not be published. Let’s take a closer look at another fantastic mini … If I had one complaint about them it would be the bearings, that would be my only upgrade (and will be), they just aren't up to the quality of the rest of the board, they have noticeably more resistance than a board with better quality bearings (Reds Bones are pretty cheap). I checked every single possible thing that could have been wrong with the board, the wheel, the bearings and so forth. Retrospec Eco Women's Tee. People have different preferences for board lengths, styles and other components. Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy, [Music] what is up YouTube today we're taking a look at the 10 toes ed longboard which I've just bought from Amazon CA this video is kind of going to be like a little bit of an unboxing even though it's already out of the box still got some plastic wrap on it so here we go I'm brand new to longboarding so I'm not really familiar with most of the terms but I do know that this this kind of packaging is prevalent in some of the skateboards and other long boards so the problem here is that the plastic wrap goes under the trucks there's kind of a problem but I'm kind of lazy so I'm just going to see how much plastic I can get off while ripping it so now that most of the plastics off I can kind of tell you a bit about this board so what is listed as on Amazon is the ten toes boards emporiums at bamboo longboard skateboard cruiser with a with a length of 44 inches and the colors the kelp fish tails you can see over here I'll give a close to give you guys a closer look of the graphic later so in the description here it says it's a 44 inch artisan longboard made from beautiful bamboo design right here in Los Angeles for a strikingly vintage California look mmm gotta love that California look it also comes with rugged and lightweight 7 inch aluminum trucks the trucks are right here reactive and smooth gliding reverse kingpin trucks with precision a back 7 bearings which are here pew casted black bushing 98 which I don't know what is so I'll be honest here bamboo and it comes with a bamboo and maple hybrid board with a bamboo deck and kick tail so this is this whole board area right here and the wheels are durable and they are 70 by 51 millimeters 85 AP wheels with rock finish now I don't know what all that means so you're just gonna have to bear with me here but sounds pretty cool right flip it around give it a little spin and I'll show you what it looks like from head to toe so as you can see here we have the ten toes logo and this color right here that's the kelp fish tail logo looks pretty cool and on top we have that uh we have that uh we have that grip tape and this is the logo right here with the three lines and we got those kelp licking wheels as well on Amazon dot see this board costs about go to 80 bucks give or take the tax I went to the mall was looking for like a longboard you know just to ride around and I and the price of are upwards of two hundred three hundred which is kind of nuts considering I know nothing about longboard so I went on Amazon dot C and found this pretty cool board here the ten toes dead board and it's a pretty sweet deal for beginners so I'm very happy with this board and I said as a beginner I don't know much about long boards so this is a pretty great deal for only eighty bucks online shipping came in really quick it was a with prime minister days might be a bit longer if you just order a regular but that's what you get definitely looking forward to riding this around giving it a try definitely looking forward to this definitely looking forward to riding this longboard and giving it a try as you can see here the wheels as you can see here the wheels they're pretty good I'm not I don't know much about wheels so they feel alright everything feels pretty solid here so with the review done we can take it out for a spin [Music], what something that they how are you guys doing I'm doing great I'm actually doing very very great my longboard finally came in mind you I don't know how to longboard this is my first one horse I don't know how to skateboard either I don't have one of those but we're going to learn together or maybe not how this is going to learn and like show you guys later I'm so excited I'm so so if you know any about me what you probably told everything about me I wanted to learn how to longboard flash skateboard for at least a year and a half now but I never got around to it don't be pulling things up and then just recently I was like no what no more no more excuses I'll figure this out we don't do this together so first things first I want to get logistics out of the way but sometimes goes for Emporia State shop apparently that's located in LA IRAs on the other side of the country so that really means helping to me except to the fact that I just really want to go to California now take a look this is a pentose little girl I don't really know if you can see that so I mean I hope so it cost me 59.99 but they do have free shipping you can buy this on Amazon and I think prime delivery is available but every time I try to order it from Amazon and it doesn't probably wasn't available and then they try to charge the nine bucks for shipping so that's like $70 when you could just get it from their website go to their website I'll link it down below when I understand they also have free returns for upsell like 50 days or something like that like you can do what you do customer service wise I think it's a pretty solid company I in the past week waiting for my longboard I follow them on social media I post them on Instagram and on Facebook and their customer service team seems to be responses I also asked like I was able to acute click lessons I'm wondering when these long boards already in stock because let me just let me just say this real quick these long boards go out of stock so fast oh my god and I'm so happy that I got money from one yeah so customers are pretty solid delivery they ship this baby out I think within a day or two what I ordered it I ordered it last week week and a half ago something like that so this can fairly quickly I mean considering the fact that I live like I said on the East Coast and I haven't started you I'm actually so excited but just literally the knife I used to cook my food with like I cut vegetables and meat with this night so I only have one knife that's all kind of [Music] my god oh my god oh so excited the coolest thing ever in my opinion this just made my ear this is this is that I ended up getting very simple that's the design I got it's called white flora very very simple I can't believe I did this so I'm gonna try standing on it mind you I've never done this before so worth popping all the charrids right now I won it and I did my research before I bought this I didn't just get it oh my god jeez you know what's funny I was actually born in New Zealand but I didn't stay long enough to like actually do anything cool people who actually like skater going to watch this to say you're doing it wrong I was doing oh you know what is the first time is so amazing I'm obviously not pro for what this thing needs to do I think it'll be just fine I got any job over the summer it's not quite driving distance is only about a mile away so I'm probably going to use this as my main form of transportation hell yeah delay set it like and don't know how to longboard like let's just learn together there's so many tutorials on YouTube later native learning alright so I'm just going to do a quick little recap got this incentive for Emporium to make down Holly they get a 10 out of 10 for products for delivery speed for customer service for everything and for price as well as for 60 bucks love I'm in college I don't know all the money in the world to spend most emotion I want to do so this great I love it I think it's adorable it's cute and yeah I'm going to show you some close-up visuals of it [Music] Oh God this is so beautiful oh why am I like this, long board this is short board what is the difference between this and this well basically this one is long so this is another episode of verse where we take to entirely opinion istic if that's even a word things and we talk about them and then you guys fight in the comments about what's better or worse or what do you guys think well this board is obviously a long board and this board is a short board and essentially what it is is like this board right here is more of a trick skateboard it's short and it's more able to be flipped around and you can do tricks on it easier and then this board has these giant soft wheels and it's more of like a cruiser board so what are you doing this board you like cruise kind of just skate around the city like this you probably can't hear it like super well but you can the wheels are nice and soft like one push on this cruiser board and you're just just straight cruising see that Cruiser board style longboard surfer style but then I get on this board and it's just a different a different feel a different style the sport is obviously more for tricks I'm probably not going to do that on that board it can be done you can do tricks on a longboard but definitely not as easy essentially that's the difference between a long board and a short board now a lot of people I feel like are going to college and they start out with this kind of a board and they go I want something that's going to get me from this class over here to that class over here and I'm going to like be comfortable on it roll nice and smooth that's kind of the purpose of these you can just take one nice big push and just roll really far and it's nice and smooth not a lot of effort involved and that's kind of what these are good for the problem with that you're not really going to be like hauling up curbs and doing tricks and various things like that so with that in mind once you want to like step up to the next level you might be good to go to a board like this it might be good to have both of these boards so you start out learning to ride on this and get really comfortable there just step one skateboarding made simple learning to ride turn various things like that and then you go to a board like this once you really get good on a board like this you can go from point A to point B and do tricks along the way and it's super fun go down curbs pop up curbs ride cruise it's it's tons of fun it's actually becomes a little bit more fun in my opinion to ride this than this but if you have only learned how to ride this this is still fun and it's still cool but it's just not quite as cool as like rolling from Class A to class be doing like tre flips on the way like let's just be honest you want to bust a mean triplet and have all the girls in the school being like hey Matt Caleb who's sick that's my opinion on short board versus long board so here's my check on the longboard not bad eh not bad just gonna gotta push backwards and just plan it sister style this very like surfer surfer accent cichlid stuck but takes a lot of energy this part is it's so big man shouting act like I'm a professional longboard - money - money anyway there seems to be a bit of controversy in the world as to what's cooler riding along boards for riding a short board and I kind of like don't want to pick these two things against each other like why do we have to argue between longboarders and short boarders when we can all just agree that we like riding skateboards with wheels and kind of go from there I think more longboarders should learn to ride this kind of board just so they can do tricks and they can feel the feeling of landing a tre flip just like the amazing feeling of like oh so much fun it's so much fun this is also fun you know skateboarding is just about having fun that's really all it is but yeah shoutout to revised skateboards you guys should definitely go there pick up a short board if you've gotten really good at riding that might be time to pick up one of these guys and learn some tricks skateboarding made simple vol.1 will get you there we want to teach a lot of people how to skate that means some longboarders will start writing this and vice versa and why not so let's take it down do some tricks definitely check out skateboarding made simple it's available in all these platforms iBooks Braille skateboarding comm and Google Play it's the most comprehensive video we've ever made and it teaches skateboarding better than anything else out there you won't be disappointed you, [Music] all right so we showed you guys these boards and that is about all that I did I haven't use the board again however I'm putting shoes on because I have this idea that wearing shoes will make it easier and we have this what is this pick call it's a couple Gnostic except it's more expensive than the board so we're going to see if it's even doable he'll be made like a pretty cool what is this stuff is it this is Andres yes the kite of the rod from the drape and then a ball like a rubber ball we try to look exactly like it and it's supposed to be a really good upper body first of all I guess if do you feel it everywhere this is a whole balancing so we're going to see how it is for a beginner to use this for the very first time how hard is it but what if I fall so horribly no all right so we're just going to review it and have fun some fun we'll see how far I go my neighbors are going to get a laugh out of this ha ha ha ha let's go though are you ready to go [Applause] [Music] are you ready so you're wearing water okay so cool way to find out which foot should go forward on the board for your beginners will show you guys a little step on how we figure it out [Music] obviously the foot you step forward with is the main thought that should be forward in front of you see the point is to lose your balance and your subconscious will respond with the legs that you're most comfortable with I would rather go uphill because that or go ahead stop and because my balance is data prepared to make a fool of myself and see what [Music] [Music] it's a little scary because it's down help of picks up speed really quick i'ma try to survive very difficult it's going uphill - we got Aniela would think [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] not [Music] we were all dressed up is she so ready to go she's addicted right you're addicted she does not know when to stop before last time okay did you Betty we learn that we sure mommy [Applause] [Music] back and forth [Music] I'd say they're pretty cool as a beginner it's not I mean it's what is expected you're gonna feel a little weird bounce I'm gonna be off but I think a couple more tries and I think I'll do better I mean I won't be no pro don't get me wrong you know no skater or any of that but it was pretty cool cool workout I'm kinda hot and sweaty sitting was cool like work your arms and your and your core I was like I should buy some gloves for like grip and protection and keep going right I think we should put Luna and Lila Mac in the middle and so it was getting easier to control it turn and so I think a little bit more time a couple maybe three more times when our neighbors won't be less intense anymore but overall it's pretty cool board wooden chain does what what intrigued us was actually we saw a bigger board where they had two adults on it it was pretty cool one would sit the other one would like maneuver it and we wanted it for Lila really Cole used to do it as a family something new you know try something different it doesn't work it doesn't work but in this case I thought it was pretty fun anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already hit that Bell for notifications and until tomorrow Holly [Music].

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