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One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a travel nurse … If you don’t like the hospital or location, it’s temporary. The standard travel nursing assignment is 13 weeks, but anything between 8 and 26 weeks is common. You’ll need to get your own insurance policy if you’re concerned with the possibility of getting hurt and not being able to work. In fact, there has never been a better time for early career nurses to try travel nursing! Making the Most of New Nurse Orientation Programs. If you do, though, you can’t collect the non-taxed housing stipend. Read more: Best Cities for Travel Nurse in 2019. It’s also possible to travel nurse as a couple — learn how one couple does it and their advice for other nurse couples. Keep in mind, that when working as a travel nurse, you’re employed by the travel nursing agency and not the facility. Your shift and hours should be written in your contract. Keep in mind, that some housing has breed or weight restrictions, which can limit your options. Some of the areas with the highest need for nurses include Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Middle East. Yes! Travel nurses are hired to bridge staffing shortages, which may be caused by a lack of qualified nurses in the area, seasonal population increases, or an expected leave of absence like maternity leave. We suggest taking a housing stipend and securing your own housing. Home to many television and film studios like NBC and Disney, Burbank locals get to enjoy living in the heart of the entertainment industry. It’s not uncommon for RNs to select travel nursing assignments together. Maui is a great choice if you’d like to feel far from the familiar sights of the continental U.S. By pressing "Request Information" I hereby consent and agree to receive calls, text or other messages by or on behalf of Ameritech College of Healthcare at the phone number(s) provided above. The city has myriad travel nurse opportunities and a lower cost of living than many other favorite travel nurse locals. It’s a city with unique offerings — you can take in a concert by your favorite singer one night and attend a spectacular comedy show the next. (801) 816-1444, Why Nursing Careers Are Good for Wanderlust, Why You Should Consider Alternative Nursing Jobs, These Are the Highest Paying Nursing Specialties, Direct Entry MSN Programs: 5 Things to Consider in 2020, Requirements for Direct Entry MSN for Non-Nursing Majors, Accelerate Your Career with a Direct Entry MSN, 7 Common Questions about NCLEX-RN Exam in 2020, Master of Science in Nursing (direct entry), The Greatest Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant, How to Get Started in International Nursing. They’ll stay in a spare room, back house, studio, apartment, condo, or a … Not only do travel nurses work in health care in any state in the country, but they also work outside of the United States as international travel nurses. In addition to your hourly rate, you’ll often be eligible for medical and dental benefits, 401K, bonuses, and stipends for housing, meals, and travel expenses. Visit our Facebook page — we’d love to hear from you. Learn more about how to find travel nurse housing with your pets. Discover available travel nursing assignments in the area of your choice! Just like its neighbor Austin, Dallas is known for a rich variety food, music, and sports to keep things lively for travel nurses during their time in the city. Travel nurses have the same responsibilities as registered nurses. Tucson is home to many beautiful natural features in addition to well-known music and food scenes, and its population includes a large younger demographic of university students as well as a high number of retirees. Extension offers usually occur the last 3 to 5 weeks of your assignment, but if you’re interested in staying on longer, you should talk to your recruiter. Putting in the time to find travel nursing destinations off the beaten path is often well worth it in the long run. … Most travel agencies offer medical and dental benefits as well as other benefits like a 401K — some even offer matching! One choice that offers nurses exceptional freedom to try new things and explore the world is travel nursing. You can expect plenty of assignment opportunities in Dallas, since its major hospitals and medical centers have ample need for a variety of nurse specialties on an ongoing basis. You’ll also likely have to pay an additional security deposit. Certain travel jobs offer sign-on bonuses, … Top 10 Locations to Work as a Travel Nurse Anchorage, Alaska. Have you always dreamed of living in the Big Apple, but don’t like the idea of paying New York’s sky-high rent? Much like New York, San Francisco has one of the country’s highest costs of living — making it a great travel nursing destination for a quick chapter in many travel nurses’ careers rather than a long-term choice. Depending on what you're looking for, it may take you a little more time to find your ideal travel nurse … However, your recruiter will attempt to find you a replacement assignment quickly. Below you can learn about the basics as we answer the most frequently asked questions about travel nursing. Housing is deducted from the travel nurse’s “cut” of the bill rate. Traveling nurses move between patient homes, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. In addition to being a fast-growing city in recent years, it has a high density of highly regarded healthcare facilities to keep demand for nurses relatively constant. Travel nurse assignments are available across the country. Travel nursing comes with many wonderful benefits that make it a truly unique career option for nurses. Maui is a … If you have at least 6–9 months of experience in your specialty, our Onward Healthcare recruiters are ready to get you started in a travel nursing … Absolutely. This combined with the fact that it’s growing quickly makes it a fantastic option for travel nurses. In general, travel nurses are often paid well, because they’re filling a high demand for nurses. Most travel nurse assignments range between 4 and 13 weeks. To find skilled nurses to fill these often short-term assignments, these facilities work with recruitment agencies. Southern California can also make a travel nursing assignment feel an awful lot like a vacation during your off hours due to its pleasant weather year-round. This … Indeed, the role is very similar to that of an RN, only that they need to travel often. If you dislike that, then you may not enjoy your assignment. Travel nursing jobs are available across the country, but available assignment locations will depend on current staffing needs. The city offers a relatively low cost of living. If you choose agency-placed housing, the agency arranges your living situation, but it isn’t free. Do you just jump on … Yes, travel nursing for recent nursing graduates is possible. Agencies will coordinate and set up housing, which is helpful if you’re new to travel nursing. Austin is also a hub for music and entertainment, so those interested in live music and local food scenes might find Austin too wonderful to leave. This helps travel nurses attain greater work mobility without as much complex licensure law.

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