how to get to forbidden woods from cathedral ward

Go left so your character circles around, kill the Snake Cluster and take the middle path. Left of this area is a walkway that will take you behind some homes. If you get covered in oil, wait until the “oil icon” disappears from the screen. Guide your hunter back to the fire where you dealt with some Henchmen. Kill it (and more Poison Worms if some remain) and loot this body for a Frenzied Coldblood. Now go left to deal with the other Giant Snake Cluster, which has four Snake Clusters for protection. Stick to the cave wall so you can lock onto the Poison Worms surrounding the Reaper on the left. Head outside and go to the water. Irl, when I find one, I follow it for as long as I can to get an idea of the landmarks before finding a good entry point, but I didn't pay attention to the ravine in the FW because I thought it was a kill plane. Byrgenwerth Cathedral Ward Central Yharnam Forbidden Woods Forsaken Cainhurst Castle Healing Church Workshop Hemwick Charnel Lane Iosefka's Clinic Lecture Building 1F Moonside Lake Nightmare Frontier Nightmare of Mensis Old Yharnam Upper Cathedral Ward Yahar'gul Unseen Village (Blood Moon) Yahar'gul Unseen Village (Evening) Go all the way to the left and eliminate a Frenzied Henchman. I did the double shortcut because I was burning through blood vials fighting the shadows and the pigs drop lots of them. In addition, please make note of the wooden planks (traps) along the ground. Should your hunter get covered in oil, the monster with the torch can light him or her on fire; you’ll also take damage walking into fire in this area. With the second cleric, this enemy carries a sword and pulls off standard attacks. Heavier weapons deal more damage, yes, but these items take longer to swing, and in many cases you’ll get attacked beforehand. You’ll need to follow the ledges here all the way down. Inside the chapel there are three doors. You cannot get there, and will fall. I did the same thing! Pass between these tree roots and the water and you’ll encounter Undead Crawlers. Basically, put on that White Church attire you just grabbed. It seems everyone doubles back to the windmill to take the second elevator shortcut, but I always go straight through the snake area since it seems less dangerous than charging boars. Exit this cave and cross the water to dry land. Now for the bad news. Three powerful clerics make up the villainous Shadow of Yharnam, and each one of these guys have unique attacks. You can still defeat the boss that way, but you’ll have our sympathies. If not, return to the gate where you killed that nasty Axe Reaper. Fling open the door and you’ll come upon a Cranium Creature. In the Grand Cathedral, Vicar Amelia guards the gate to the Forbidden Woods . Nearby on the right is a cell. Published March 25, 2015, 9:50 a.m. If you go right and travel up the hill you’ll see a body with one Twin Blood Stone Shard. Quickly look left and run into the alcove. After reading the note, return to the gate with the lever close to the cemetery; the place where you fought two Axe Reapers. Thankfully the tips to kill it are the same, so use your firearm to stun the creature and then slash away. Wait until it gets close enough, then kill it without worrying about the poison nearby. Approach the altar and then watch the cut scene. Continue along this path into the building and use the lift to revisit the room and unlock the shortcut. I love going into ravines when I'm hiking. Return to the cliff edge and fall so you land on top of the nearest Henchman; there should be two remaining. Bloodborne gets a little bit outdoors-y now with a trip through the Forbidden Woods. This character can first be found at the Cathedral Ward, in another part of the building with the tomb entrance. Exploring this path leads you to some Snake Clusters, a new enemy. With the three clerics deceased, you’ll receive the Blood Rapture rune for the trouble. As a result, when I accidentally slipped off the ledge and fell into it, I was both pleasantly surprised (yay, ravine) and slightly panicked (I hadn't been paying attention to it before and exploring/mapping a ravine for the first time while inside it is less than ideal, especially if you don't know how far away or in what direction the nearest exit point is). Kill the Henchman, look right and go inside of the house. To the left is a hallway, and going in here will put you on the same balcony you saw enemies standing on. Definitely grab the 14 Molotov Cocktails off the body. Yeah once I realized those lanterns literally lead you through the woods I stopped getting lost. Keep walking this way but be careful. One of them carries a flamethrower, while the other holds a magic lantern. Trouble beating Bloodborne? Check behind the body and there are some more Snake Clusters. Alfred is also met for the first time in the Cathedral Ward, behind the tomb that leads to Old Yharnam. Go right and walk down the stairs on your left. Leave the secret path and look for yellow flowers close to a hill. Look right and take the hallway. Now go left and take the Frenzied Coldblood from a body. Go through the entryway and you wind up at Iosefka's Clinic. Destroy the monsters and pick up a Dissipating Lake rune from the nearby dead person. Go left and take the six Quicksilver Bullets off the body. Take the walkway left and you’ll see some big tree roots. Continue on this walkway to the left and then exit. Kill these guys, then drop down onto the ledge. When inside, go left up the hill and take the Madman’s Knowledge off the body. Everything else was really straightforward. A community dedicated to Bloodborne, game released for PlayStation 4. Go left and there’s a headstone with a body right behind it. You can see how a the top right part of the map there are a lot of items tempting you to stray from the trail (the red triangles), which can easily get you turned around, but keep the trail in mind and you won’t get lost. Heck, there might still be an unknown flag or two that the guide doesn’t cover, since it’s not exactly perfect. Look left to see a house and a red lantern. i just went to every nook and cranny looking for stuff. Move around as much as possible and you shouldn’t have much trouble dodging whatever the enemies throw at you. I used to go on exploratory hiking expeditions without a trail map a lot as a kid, and being put back into that environment put me into "hiking mode" where I'm more cognizant of my surroundings and aware of where I am relative to other things. In the Cathedral Ward go through the right door after you slain the Blood Starved beast and up the elevator and across the bridge to the Healing Church Workshop. Take the lift down, leave the home and now walk up the hill on the left. - Drop down to Cathedral Ward - Use x1 Madman's Knowledge on the elevator (try to dupe) Cathedral Ward: - Do Amelia Skip - Grab x2 Madman's Knowledge (x1 if your dupe worked) - Grab x3 Twin Bloodstone shards - Grab the blood gem - Go to Forbidden Woods Forbidden Woods: - Grab x1 Twin Bloodstone shards - Warp to the Hunter's Dream Hunter's Dream: You’ll enter a graveyard. I usually run around in circles till I hear the sound of the boar near the shortcut leading back to the other shortcut heheh. When you finish walking down the steps, go to the left corner and knock on the door. There’s a man sitting on a chair, so speak with him to earn Madman’s Knowledge. Fall yet again, go to the middle of this area and then take the small ramp. Move left, leave the home and you’ll see more Henchmen. Break it and take the two Twin Blood Stone Shards off the body. Pass the fire and dispose of more Snake Clusters, then search the body to find a Twin Blood Stone Shard. After killing one Giant Snake Cluster, head right to find a body with a Thick Coldblood. At the end of this tunnel is a door. Enter and loot the body with three Pungent Blood Cocktails. Because, you know, she’s dead. You don’t necessarily have to kill these creatures, but instead go about your business in the quickest time possible. Approach the altar and then watch the cut scene. The path is at the side and is blocked by one of the giants. The strategy is to keep in mind where the trail is at all times when you wander off of it. They're usually formed by rivers or runoff, so lots of stuff gets washed up, even cars. Explore a bit and you’ll score a Tempering Blood Gemstone from a body. Walk down these steps and you’ll approach a door that requires the password. There’s a good chance one of these creatures will wander too close to the fire and die. Turn around and go back to the final gear, the fall to the platform to take a Cannon off the corpse. Fortunately it’s pretty low level, and you won’t have much trouble stunning this adversary with your firearm and then hacking it to pieces. Use stealth to creep behind the monster and nail it with a Charge Attack. After killing all of the monsters, reach the top of the stairs and you’ll find two bodies, one of which rests on a ledge. Continue moving and you’ll quickly encounter two Giant Snake Clusters, but don’t fight just yet. The third and final cleric, meanwhile, has both a sword and a candle. Dispose of the monsters and go right, walking down two sets of steps to discover a body with 12 Poison Knives. You’ll talk to a woman two times and tell her to go to that Chapel, which is where you should also go. The Forbidden Woods door will lie at the end of the path. Go back to the main pathway but do not continue. The Research Hall is arguably the best main area in The Old Hunters DLC, and … Forbidden Woods, total number of treasures in area x5, [complete map] Frenzied Coldblood (7) x1, turn right upon entering the Subterranean Cave Rear on path to Iosefka's Clinic. Cross the bridge and look for a ramp that leads to a home on the right. Not only does it strike with the blade, but also fire. Beat the Shadow of Yharnam to receive Blood Rapture. There, on the left, you find a ladder over which you get to the top. To reach this frightening area, defeat Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward. Take the fireball-throwing cleric, for example. Walk into the cave and take the ramp down. You’ll have a much easier time avoiding the latter’s sword attacks, but don’t let him fully power up, otherwise he brings two large snakes to the fight. After killing these Henchmen, look for some bodies at this location and pick up the two Blood Vials, 10 Quicksilver Bullets and one Twin Blood Stone Shard. When you finish disposing of this nasty thing, there’s a body in the area with six Blood Vials. that's the part where people get the most turned around, this is what the map looks like when you take a “main path + look left and right” approach. Kill the Cranium Creatures and then grab the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune nearby; this will boost your hunter’s stamina. You then purchase the Lugarius Wheel from the fountain shop near the workshop! I grew up hiking and exploring in the woods and also did all the boy scout stuff. Approach the flames and take care of the Mutant Henchman and Snake Clusters. Iosefkas clinic Central yharnam Old yharnam Forbidden woods Cathedral ward Hemwick channel lane Old abandoned workshop. (I suppose that's because in urban spaces, there's the subconscious feeling of "this is a well peopled area and I can just use a map" even if I don't actually have a map or someone to ask for help.). This will prove useful where you’re headed. When it’s dead, walk to the end to find two bodies with an Adept Blood Gemstone and a Madman’s Knowledge. First go after the fireball cleric. There’s a man in the corner on the right. Walk to the end of these cages, take the path on the right and you’ll see a building. There’s also a contraption that when interacted with will open a gate in this area. Tip: At this point, you may continue exploring the Forbidden Woods leading up to the boss fight against The Shadow of Yharnam, or you can take a little detour to Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. Go in there and pick up the Beast Roar off the dead person. Gather the Cainhurst Summons from the table, then access the next door to return to the 1st Floor Sickroom lamp. The password is obtained by investigating the skull on top of the altar in the Grand Cathedral, after defeating Vicar Amelia. Much like real life hiking trails, the path is 1) safe and 2) well marked. When you get there, talk to this woman (she sits on a chair next to a lamp) and you’ll receive a Curtsy, as well as the Blood of Arianna. In fact, you don’t even need to target them, and if you choose to, we strongly advise you focus all of your attention towards the guy throwing fireballs so you don’t get hit unexpectedly. Go forward up the hill. Bloodborne – How to Get to Forbidden Woods, Unlock Curtsy Gesture and Get The Blood of Arianna Buy the document to read more - Make your way back to the Grand Cathedral lamp, then take a look at the object that's on the altar over on the other side of the room. The note says the following: A watchman of Byrgenwerth guards the gate with a password, the sacred adage of the Grand Cathedral. I think I've defeated all the bosses in these locations, but the problem is idk how to unlock upper cathedral ward, i watched a video showing how to get the key. When at the bottom, turn around and lift two Antidotes off a body. There’s a man inside, and if you speak to him he hands over a Tonsil Stone key that opens a new place by the Grand Cathedral. Head right instead of going inside and drop off the ledge. Return to where you killed the imprisoned hounds and go in the opposite direction. Press J to jump to the feed. Getting lost there makes sense to me. Stay in the water and kill a Crazed Pig and three Undead Crawlers. On the right is a body with a Twin Blood Stone Shard. On a side note, Imps now leave behind Twin Blood Stone Shards. Pick up the Twin Blood Stone Shard off the corpse, then descend the hill and take the walkway to discover a corpse with a Frenzied Coldblood. BEST: Research Hall. If there are no Poison Worms nearby, inspect the body and grab the Nourishing Blood Gemstone. Other times the attack will unleash three fireballs that form a sort of cone at the front of the creature. In addition to their melee attacks, Giant Snake Clusters spew venom that you’ll need to dodge. Bloodborne Tools and Weapons Guide. Along this middle path, the game throws all manner of baddies your way, from Giant Snake Clusters and Mutant Henchmen to Crazed Pigs. 51 votes, 16 comments. If that is the case, it’s like a Henchman, except it possesses a longer reach and you’ll have trouble stunning it. Now walk to the far right to see another cave. Here’s the good news. Sometimes you will encounter these creatures after they mutated. From here, approach the middle of these paths and go towards the body. As for that boss we just mentioned, it’s time to meet the Shadow of Yharnam. actually I found the first summon that's near the shortcut next to the boss, but I didn't know what it was (I thought it might have been a pvp npc because it was red) so I left it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. To gain access, you must inspect the skull on the altar, which will change the phase of the moon to night. When you’re ready to tackle the Giant Snake Cluster, run up to one of these creatures, attack and then dodge backwards. I think the easiest way to get lost in this area is to panic. Approach and look right to take a Dirty Blood Gemstone off a body. Be careful because a Henchman appears near the steps you walked down. Firstly you need to get two keys from the Upper Cathedral, one is Upper Cathedral Key and the other is Orphanage Key. Stick to the left as much as possible and you’ll avoid the big log. Below is a list of all the Tools and Weapons organised by their locations. that boss seemed kinda annoying to solo so I don't even regret it. Make him dead and then walk to the cliff edge. From here, look right and take the stairs. There’s a Brute up here, but you can sneak behind and kill this creature with minimal effort. Slaughter the Henchman back there and go around to locate the door to the second home. If  you give him a chance to grow stronger, one of his arms morphs into a snake and he can now unleash a giant snake attack. This might be the first time you encountered a Half-beast. Left is the boss battle, and right will lead you to a gate. In most cases they split up and go off on their own, letting you kill them one-by-one, but if you wind up attracting both, try lure one away from the other by going back to the steps. The password Gatekeeper was a member of the Byrgenwerth Scholars. Instead, walk right of this and surprise, you’re back in the area where you dealt with the imprisoned Hounds. Interact with the lever and the gate will open. Otherwise a portal suddenly opens and your hunter will fall into it. The best-case scenario is to whittle away all three of their health bars and quickly slaughter them. If you wish to fight her, continue down this hallway and walk up the steps. The path to the Forbidden Woods is through the large plaza with two Church Giants roaming around that connects Cathedral Wardwith the Grand Cathedral. Walk along this route and you’ll enter a new area. Continue exploring the balcony to find a body with 12 Shining Coins. If you take the right one you’ll get the Forbidden Woods lamp. From there, fall to the ledge and dispose of the Frenzied Henchman on the left. Walk over to this Hunter and he’ll provide new details about the plot. Finally, kill the sword-wielding one. Those were the reasons why she disappeared without warning. Position the camera downward and hit the Henchmen with some Pebbles to attract some Hounds that immediately come after you. There are absolutely snakes on the main road. Not doing this has consequences, especially if you allow one cleric to power up. Go to where it originally was (looks like an island) and then use Molotov Cocktails or Pebbles to trick the Poison Worms to leave the toxic fog, making them easier to kill. Unfortunately it’s not the only thing up there. Take the staircase on the left and you’ll see two more Gravekeepers. This conception of the FW is interesting because 1) only like 20% of the map has snakes, and 2) not only are they easily avoidable, but fighting them means you actually had to go out of your way to find them. Kill the monsters and pick up two Twin Blood Stone Shards. There are tons of lanterns at really close intervals, so if you get lost, all you have to do to get back on track is to look for the lanterns. One is on the left while the other is further away. Look left and loot the body for a Coldblood Dew. Following the boss fight against Vicar Amelia, head back to the Grand Cathedral lamp. Look right and you’ll find more enemies, along with two corpses, one with two Twin Blood Stone Shards and another with a Madman’s Knowledge. then I got the shortcut and remembered the first npc, and then summoned her. about Take care of the Crazed Crows to your right, and then the rest of these bothersome creatures on the other roof. Just before this cave is a body and a Reaper. Go on the left side of the building around to where you pull the lever to open the tomb. Now take the steps on the left. I'm curious what your run to the boss is like? Stick close to the body in this area to avoid attracting unnecessary attention from other monsters. Avoid the path on the left, at least for the time being. Go left and prepare to square off against a Cranium Creature. Exit this room and walk down the hallway in the other direction into another room. Since one of them has a firearm, kill these fools as fast as possible. Do so quickly and then retreat. You’ll definitely want to equip this rune, since it restores 200 HP when you land critical strikes, also known as visceral attacks. If you follow the trail, there's only a couple enemies on it from beginning to end, and it's only when you stray off of it do you encounter lots of wildlife (snakes). Aside from that, the monster is easy to kill. I started on the left side, then did the right, then the middle, all leading down to the circle with the first boar in the middle. Finally, walk up to and interact with the Byrgenwerth lamp, which allows you to gain access to Byrgenwerth. No need to draw its attention. Look left of this gate and you’ll see a body with two Blood Stone Shards. Now walk down the steps and take care of the Axe Reaper standing by another gate. Hit Iosefka at least three times and then dodge right or left to avoid her tentacles. After the first set of stairs, check around a tree to the right to get some Thick Coldblood. I'm absolutely abysmal in navigating urban settings or even inside buildings, but put me in forest or on a mountain and I'm good. so i engaged in a 3v3. There’s a door near the chest, but it does not open. Pick up the four Blue Elixir from the dead body over there, then leave the house and go left. Bottom line, you don’t need that in your life. awaken at the cathedral ward lantern exit to the left turn right and go up the stairs past the gate that requires the hunter chief the book in question is earths forbidden secrets ... walkthrough on how to get to the forbidden woods from the cathedral ward lantern enjoy in the forbidden woods there is an underground cavern which leads to the grave In the next room is a lift but it doesn’t work, so take the bridge instead, where you battle another one of those Mutant Henchman. The Ailing Loran Chalice is dropped by the optional Amygdala boss in the Nightmare Frontier. In the FW, after the houses, there's only one trail, which is a straight shot from the beginning to the end. It just doesn't translate to games for me. The next passage leads to the roofing on which you find the man. If you don’t have at least half of your stamina bar, things will be difficult. From here, go left and slaughter a Hound. All a sudden a series of cannonballs fly towards your character. When you are ready to continue playing, go to part 7 to find the Lunarium Key and defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider boss. If you look to the right and explore a bit, you’ll find a body with a Monocular. If you explore the perimeter of this home you’ll discover an entryway. Explore the woods until you find a town guarded by angry villagers. This item will reduce your bolt damage by five percent. Cathedral Ward (Forbidden Woods prereq.) Take the water all the way down and then take the first left to kill more Henchmen. There are three Crazed Crows up here, but also a body containing plenty of attire for you to grab. At least on the positive side, these monsters don’t have much health and it won’t take long to kill either foe. We hope you like battling Snake Clusters, because there are even more as you push onward, but there’s also a corpse with a Twin Blood Stone Shard. Bloodborne is here. Before doing anything, throw a pebble at the nearest Reaper. A word of caution while lifting these items off the corpse. This is where you’ll find a body containing Hunter Garb, Hunter Trousers, Hunter Gloves and a Top Hat. Go back to the cave entrance and walk to the middle of this area. Exit the house and walk straight ahead, making note of the roof with the Henchmen. Look left and you’ll see a hallway. If that does not happen, well, you need to kill two Hounds instead of one. Do not let it grab you. To make matters worse, there’s a poison fog of sorts on the ground.

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