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The importance and purpose of job specification is a thoroughly understand the specific details of a job. Construction Specification Institute (CSI) • Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Master format organizes project information into major divisions. A contract or tender document often references design drawings. x���A 0ð44�m\Gc���������z�C. About this page. ��6p(82~�o�a� װ�5@���S��9C�������rdW�20�K����t>��8�2�q4�CQ -���i��N�ɻ�W��9�{�ʖq���\8u�L�(� "d�� %PDF-1.4 %���� It is concerned with on-time delivery, within-budget expenditures and appropriate performance standards. The specification stage is arguably the most important aspect of any building project. A project manager needs to get ready the business specifications before the project is even started. CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS . construction industry is the largest of all industries. Specifications may be combined to form the one Specification. involvement in the design and construction process and the extent to which he may change his mind or wish to alter the specification during construction. environmental sustainability of the building is the correct specification of the construction materials. 1.Expressing the quality of constructional material or strength of the constructional work… The teacher should develop the table of specification in order to have content sampling and item validity. Importance of Standards. They are sections and numbers used to categorize specs and project information, and the MasterFormat creates a sort-of universal language for construction specifications. and the . It accounts for about 8% of gross domestic product, employs about 10% of the national workforce and generates an annual turnover of up to £250 billion. The specs are a subcontractor’s field guide on what materials to use, how to install them, and the desired level of quality. General The Work shall be carried out according to these Specifications whether specifically mentioned elsewhere or not. These topics are covered from the perspective of the engineer who is employed with either the owner's organiza- tion or the design firm. It is a requirement in securing building permit in the Philippines. 1. ��Z��9�b#�S灴8[��+1�2'�������l���#�EC�"+� �{�?48��;{�YFر��܁&�� 2-Site Construction. Main Types of Construction Specifications. Cooperation (GTZ). W¶l7þþ[ Nvó°÷÷û=ø*7ô”¨Ãuãý[ŸŒ Product Concepts and Product Design Specifications 4.1 Introduction The development from the simple product idea to the product design specifications and finally the product specifications is a continually evolving process through the initial stage of the product development process to the end of the product design stage. hazards, not only principles of design are important, but also principles of construction, since the best designed house which has been well covered and painted, may hide serious structural defects in the construction. 0000000857 00000 n The construction specification outlined the process required to construct the columns and the acceptance criteria on the product. Construction Services Building Standard – M&E Design Standards 2 Version 1.2. A good specification should give a clear indication of the levels of quality you expect, the types of materials you want to be used on the job and how they should be installed, finished or tested. be completed within a set specification, having definite start and end dates. 0000001698 00000 n > Importance of Construction Specifications. Purpose of Specification Fulfill the remaining requirements. %%EOF 2075 0 obj<>stream Subcontractors and teams use these specs as a guide to choose the right materials for the specific project. Furthermore, specifications are particularly important during the tender process for pricing. ... climate are of importance to both Cornwall Council and the people of Cornwall. Specifications are written documents that describe the materials and workmanship required for a development. Jobs can be of different types and can require a different skill sets to get the maximum output from a particular. • construction specifications Design drawings Design drawings for construction contain all the information necessary for the construction contractor to bid on and build a particular project. Functional specifications These are Specifications that define the function, duty or role of the goods or services. Listing the conditions of the contract. Specifications are a basic business tool that are used to implement strategy and manage operations. Scope 5. 4. As a supporting document, the specification is your opportunity to make your requirements on a project clear.

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